Classic KJV Chronological Bible Now Redesigned with In-Depth Study Notes14001 KJV REESE CHRONOLOGICAL_mck.indd

With over 200,000 copies sold, the “Reese Chronological Bible “is the trusted text for those reading through the King James Version in historical order. Now this classic Bible has a fully redesigned two-color interior packed full of in-depth study materials, including:

  • detailed timelines
  • geographical and archeological notes that help verify Scripture accounts
  • cultural and historical notes that shed light on biblical contexts
  • explanations of difficult passages and words
  • ages and genealogies of key figures
  • translations of weights and measurements to today’s usage
  • 365-day reading plan

Arranged in chronological sections, this easy-to-use volume will help you understand the Bible, its story–and its significance to us today–even better.

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